Open Song DB

1. Why OSDB?
Open SONG db stands for an interesting idea. (Almost) everybody with an internet connection uses right that for downloading mp3s. don't you?
Did you ever wanted your collection organized? Have you already tried all these tools, which will "automaticly" rename your files using the information stored in the ID3-Tag? Or just the other way round? Generate the ID3-Tag right from the filename... Then you will know how well they work ;-)

2. What does OSDB do?
It will scan your harddisk (or specified folders) for music. Then it generates an unique id for every mp3. this id is transmitted to an database server in the internet and this server then replies detailed information about that song. But: You will notice nothing. Everything is done automaticly. The result: Open SONG db will fix the ID3-Tag and the Filename.
What you can do then? Create mixes from your music (sorted by genre, mood, speed, age of song)
For owners of portable devices: Playlists created by OSDB can even be easily transferred to your device!

3. Is OSDB already stable/finished/ready to pick up in shop?
NO, unfortunately not. OSDB is still under development. Check: for development status. Also needed: Developers!
Pick up in shop? No, of course not! Open SONG db is Open Source published under the GNU Licence. Logo